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Cyber Insurance

In the digital age, data breaches and cybercrimes surge, causing significant losses. Cyber insurance covers liability for breaches, protecting sensitive customer information.

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Travel Cover Insurance

Domestic travel’s rise heightens road accident risks. Travel insurance provides protection against accidental death, disablement, or injury-related medical needs.

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Aqua Culture Insurance

Aqua Culture Insurance addresses the sector’s unique risks, covering a broad spectrum of aquatic species and operations for comprehensive protection and sustainability.

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Post And Prenatal Insurance

Health insurance with maternity benefits covers pre and postnatal care, delivery costs, and newborn care, ensuring comprehensive support during motherhood.

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Group Life cover For SMEs

Group Life Insurance for SMEs offers financial security for employees’ families in the event of death, reinforcing employer commitment to workforce welfare.

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Crocodile Insurance

Crocodile insurance provides comprehensive coverage for farm stock against lightning, fire, explosion, and diseases, securing farmers against unexpected losses and promoting industry sustainability.

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